Three years ago, an online conversation between Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton resulted in a collaborative writing effort by more than 100 bloggers from nine countries, titled The Age of Conversation. Today, 171 writers (I’m one of them) are proudly announcing the release of The Age of Conversation 3 – It’s time to get busy.

Age of Conversation 3 embodies the dramatic shift from Social Media as a hypothesis to its current state as an integral marketing tactic and the trickling-down into boardrooms, enterprises and governments. The 10 sections of the book speak to the pervasiveness of social into our daily work and life: At the Coalface; Identities; Friends and Trusted Strangers; Conversational Branding; Measurement; Corporate Conversations (my chapter talks about this topic); In the Boardroom; Innovation and Execution; Influence; Getting to Work; and Pitching Social Media.

As always, all proceeds of the third edition will be donated to a charity. Which should make it even easier for you to consider the purchase as a Kindle e-Book, Hardcover or Paperback.

You can meet all 171 authors here. And consider following them on Twitter.

Congrats to everyone for their hard work. And a big THANK YOU! to Drew and Gavin.