Many brands starting out in Social Media think Twitter and Facebook. It’s so bright, it’s so shiny and it is what everybody else is doing. Maybe add a bit of LinkedIn and we have a solid Social Media strategy, correct? Wrong.

A valuable Social Media strategy assesses your whole business, the available resources and focuses on humanizing your business. The first step is to look at your current communication strategy and how your brand presents itself to the world.


We’ve seen these stock images before, haven’t we? Are these smiling androids or actors that couldn’t find a real acting job? One thing is sure: They don’t work for your company. Their notepads are as empty as their mugs and they have nothing to do with your company. Your customers don’t look like that. Your meetings have nothing in common with this fake environment.

People want to do business with people. Not androids. This is true for your website, for your brochures and any other communication vehicles. Before you even think about participating in Social Media, look at all your marketing materials: Are you being represented by humans or models?