Do me a favor: Watch this video. Trust me, it’s worth each of its 778 seconds.

You will hear fascinating stories about sodas (Sweet Blossom floral-sodas from Romania, made from real crushed rose petals, anyone?) You will learn that the CRV laws were made for the big soda companies, not for small shops. And, you will discover the golden past and the golden future of business: Providing value to customers. Value through great products, a passion for your products and industry that translates into memorable stories.

I’ve watched a lot of football yesterday. And even more commercials. I have problems remembering one.

But John Nese and his Galco’s Soda Pop Stop will be with me for a long time to come. Makes me think, all this talk about ‘media snacking’ might be just a lame excuse for poor content.

Or as John Nese says: “The important thing is to set yourself apart and provide your customers with something that nobody else has.”

P.S.: I live a few miles from the store, never visited it before. Guess what I’m doing this evening?