Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo.

Brilliant video. Sometimes we need to reflect on our habits and routines. And understand why we do what we do. While for some TV remains the entertainment drug of choice, in my social graph this has been replaced supplemented by Email, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other platforms. We’re becoming rats in a Skinner experiment: We check our email and connections frequently. Most of the time, we receive useless information or spam. Once in a while, we get an important piece of information. The arrival of this reward is unpredictable. And, so we continue to check until we receive something worthy. And that high from receiving a nice note, interesting info, breaking news etc., makes us return to email and platforms even more frequently.

Is this behavior just part of being human? Or is it an expression of inhumanity, transforming us into slaves to the machines?