As usual, slides are mostly visuals, illustrating the points I made during the presentation. You can get the overall idea of my presentation by reading my take on Groupon and my brief analysis of the Customer Experience Impact Report 2010.

There was a bit confusion about Social Buying sites in the overall discussion. I’m very bearish on Social Buying/Couponing sites but very bullish on Social Shopping.

Social Buying/Couponing has nothing to do with social. I get a deal in my email, I purchase the deal and I’m done. Sure, I can share the deal with my Social Graph but that’s about the only social activity in the whole buying cycle.

Social Shopping is the real deal: I can involve my Social Graph by letting them participate in the real-time shopping process. Consumers can connect to their online friends via Social Media and launch a live, co-browsing, shopping experience. My friends can browse products, chat together and get instant advice to make the right purchase decision, trying to emulate the real-life shopping experience. Have a look at this site to experience this idea.

Social Couponing/Buying is an old idea in a new dress. Social Shopping is a new experience. And the future.