Image: Courtesy of Werkplaatstypografie

Your life, your partner, every little detail – it’s all about making choices:

  • choose to get up in the morning, work out and start the day with a mindset, or stay in bed and sleep in
  • choose to stay in your job and enjoy the safety of routine, or continue to take any call from recruiters and friends to explore new opportunities
  • choose to get your information from limited resources that tailor to your political and intellectual preferences, or decide to explore one new source of information per day that’s outside of your personal bubble
  • choose to live authenticity, or live those little lies
  • choose to fit in, or decide to stand out
  • choose the solution that makes your clients happy, or the solution that makes sense
  • choose to work late to tell the world about it, or choose to work late because it will make a difference

You choose your friends, your work, your life.  Don’t let anyone make your choices for you.