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I’m pretty stupid. Most of us are.

I didn’t see the stellar rise of Facebook coming, had hope for Second Life and bought stock in eToys.

Let’s move on.

The fact is there are not many genius minds out there. The other fact is that nobody really cares if you’re a genius or just not that bright. People will talk about your success all day long and, if you fail, forget about that in second. After they trashed you for two.

So, when you want to try something out because you have an idea, there are many answers you could have. But only one that you should consider: “Let’s do it.” You’ll never find out if the idea is workable, profitable, makes sense, has any merits, insert your own words here….until you just do it and try it out. Our brains are good and we should use them as much as we can but brains are not everything. We’re often wrong.

So, next time, when your brain (and your parental/school/educational/professional) past tells you not to do something, remind yourself how many times you were wrong in your life. And then, just do it.

It’s nice to prove somebody else wrong. It’s more satisfying to prove yourself wrong.