At a marketing event in Phoenix, a few people mentioned to me they sleep with their phone. They hug it at night, like my daughter hugs her “blankie”, check messages throughout the night. Shouldn’t come as a surprise when 11% of those under 25 and 6% over 25 would check emails and social networks during sex, according to this report.

Now, I know times are tough. And everybody is a bit paranoid about losing their job or not being a top performer. But I don’t know anyone who wants to work for a boss who expects an answer to an email at 3am. And I don’t want to hear from my employees at 3am. I want them to sleep and get rest.

Are we becoming voluntary slaves to technology? Metropolis 2.0 with us staring at screens hoping for the email/Facebook/Twitter drug to give us the next kick? Is this the future of just a miserable existence?

Maybe you can find 10 minutes to watch above video. Nigel Marsh talks about work life balance and makes 4 good points. Things have gotten a bit out of control (I include myself here) and it’s time for us take control of our lives again. On their deathbed, no one ever said they wish they had hugged their smartphone more. Hug your loved ones instead. They really need it.