This post appeared first on Jack Myers’ MediaBizBlogger site.

1. No more “This is the year of mobile.” 2010 was the year of mobile.

2. Privacy is not dead. People might not care that much about privacy. But Washington does. Just like the banks, we weren’t able to regulate ourselves or trim at least the excesses.

3. The noise is deafening. We need more signals.

4. It’s not about what you know. It’s about what you share.

5. Location at its current state is overhyped. Future location platforms/tools are under hyped.

6. Own your own domain. Don’t buy into the notion that being on Facebook is more important than developing your own content on your own platform.

7. Most people that recommend bright, shiny objects (Groupon, Foursquare, etc.) never used the platform/tools and just hype it because everybody else hypes it.

8. Media people are just like the rest of the population: They never click on banners.

9. Quora is powerful. Explore it.

10. Getting out of the advertising echo chamber is essential to understand the future of media and marketing.

11. Ever heard of VRM? You should. It’s just a Google query away.

12. I’m an idiot. That’s a perfect place to start from. When I’m open to the fact that there’s much to be learned. That my first answer is not the right answer. And, definitely not the best one.

13. You are what you consume. That goes for food, good wine and cheap blogs. Make sure to digest only the best. It will make you a better person.

13 ½. The Dodgers suck (Well, I knew that since they never delivered a World Series since I moved to Los Angeles in 1996)

13 ¾ Travel is under-rated. I knew that, too. But I wanted to put this on the list in case I’m ever tempted to say no to a trip.