Hi, my name is Uwe. And I’m addicted to fixing things.

I look at a website and have immediately ten quick fixes in mind to improve it. A friend tells me about his relationship troubles and within minutes I develop a strategy how to get his love life back on track. I enjoy a dinner in a restaurant and spend my time improving the menu, interior and overall service.

And most of this is not my damn business.

But I can’t change it. It’s in my blood. And I’m sure many of you feel the same.

Why, oh why, is it so easy for us to fix other people’s problems but we can’t fix our own? We are often clueless when it comes to our own work. We lose all our objectivity when it comes to improve ourselves.

Maybe the best thing to do is assemble a group of fellow addicts and let them loose. Have them fix your business. Have them fix your life. You might not take any of their advice. But, at least, you get some outside opinion. A fresh perspective. Allow yourself to not know all the answers for a change.

And, we should resist the urge once in a while to fix things. Most of the time, nobody asked. Maybe better to just keep on walking and keep our insights to ourselves.

I’ll do that right after I fix this damn WordPress blog. Why not drag and drop pictures? And…