Seth Godin has been pouncing on this for a while: Focus on output, don’t bother with silliness, rather ship it.

It’s an important thought.

26 years ago, Neil Postman wrote “Amusing ourselves to death”. It wasn’t that easy in 1984 but you have to work hard not to amuse yourself to death in 2011. It has become amazingly easy to get input. The channel options are unlimited. I could easily stay on the couch all day and watch my Twitter stream go by, always finding new things to discover, new videos to watch, new posts to read. It appeases your brain. Well, at least you didn’t watch TV. You did something. Connected with the world. Shared ideas.

No, you didn’t.

You just amused yourself. Faking real engagement. Faking real work.

It’s easy to retweet a post. Or leave snarky comments. It’s hard to develop your own ideas and share them with the world. It’s hard to have a point of view and leave yourself open to criticism. Just because you’re on Twitter doesn’t mean you’re doing anything worthwhile.

There’s a time and place for both. Make sure the entertainment part doesn’t take over your life.