Imagine a company that doesn’t allow any financial enhancements for shareholders. Imagine a company with 112,015 owners. Imagine a company with an operating income of $20.1 million and a charity impact of around $4 million the same year. That’s Socialism, right? Must be some European company, correct?

No, it’s the Green Bay Packers. The just won the most competitive game in the US. The Super Bowl. And they practice Constructive Capitalism:

  • The Packers are creating real value for the community
  • It’s about all stakeholders, not just the shareholders
  • They have a holistic view of the world, not just a myopic focus on profits.

So, you Cowboys, Redskins and, yes, Dodgers (that’s me) fans: An owner with big pockets is almost never the solution. A movement within a community always is.

Go Packers!