Typical enterprises are organized to be effective. Deliver reliable shareholder value. But never delight.

American Airlines, Burger King, Hilton and their ilk mostly focus on output. They bring in the Six Sigma experts. They bring in the efficiency guys with white lab coats, clipboards and stopwatches.

While they make an enterprise more efficient, they also turn the whole brand into a factory. Red bricks, mindless cogs going to work from 9-5, improvements are measured by minute advances: “Oooh, the burger was delivered in 30.5 seconds instead of 30.4 seconds.”

More importantly, they never focus on delight. They make sure to answer calls efficiently but never in a way that people want to spread the word for you. They process customers. Their manuals are lengthy but the delight factor is slim.

Enterprises like to avoid problems, fix them with coupons or other short-term solutions. And, ultimately, they don’t want to hear from people. Playing this game becomes riskier by the minute.

People expect more from brands than just to be processed. They want brands to deliver delight.

Delight has many faces: Make my life easier. Make it more profitable. Make it more efficient. Make it more enjoyable. Entertaining. Engaging. Valuable. Rewarding. Delivering delight is an on-going journey and the journey never ends. Do you want to go on that journey or continue your race to more efficiency?

You have a choice: You can focus on internal efficiencies and deliver incremental improvements. Or you can deliver delight and implement performance leaps.