This column appeared first on Jack Myers’ MediaBizBloggers site.

Are you tired of the “10 rules how to succeed in Digital Marketing”? Or the “Top 50 things to do on Social platforms”? Me too. The secret sauce of Digital Marketing is not complex and doesn’t require many ingredients.

There are only two rules you need to follow

Yup, two. Not 10. Not 545. Two.

When you follow these rules, your digital campaign will succeed. Your social media initiative will garner the desired results and your clients will be really happy.

Rule 1: Be valuable

Do something that makes my life easier. More entertaining. Makes me think. Makes me laugh. Smile. Cry. Connect with other people. Anything that adds value.

Rule 2: Be humble

Be a nice person. Don’t push out messages like a machine, don’t focus on your own needs and not on mine. Be polite. Be kind. Be attentive. See yourself as a servant, not as a general that targets people. And launches campaigns.

Put these two ingredients in your next campaign and you will be fine. (Between you and me: These two rules work for everything. Work. Life. Love. But, I’m, sure you know that.)