Look at the hair. Look at the dancers. Look at the moves. Ahhhh, the 70’s. (In case your care, they are talking about new uniforms for the German soccer teams. It never materialized. Must be the dancing.)

I’m sure I watched this live. It’s a sports show (Das aktuelle Sportstudio) that ran each Saturday from 10pm to midnight.There was nothing much on the other 2 channels. Maybe a Western from the 30’s and a discussion about German poetry in the 1880’s. So, my parents and I watched the sports show most of the time. The guy with the blonde hair in the beginning was my favorite soccer player. I called him one night. That was at a time when stars were listed in phone books and you could just call information to get their number. He picked up the phone.


“Is this Guenter Netzer?”



And I hung up. I had this weird thing about calling the whole wide world. I called the White House many times, never got anywhere. Japan, China, Israel, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia. I called them all. The Vatican was really nice, they always tried to help me and connect me to someone who spoke German (I was too young to speak English.) And the Kremlin was nice, too.

Anyway. Let’s keep on dancing.

P.S.: One more clip from “Das aktuelle Sportstudio”: A monkey takes the wig of Johnny Weissmueller’s (Tarzan) wife. That’s how we roll in Germany.