I won’t get an iPad 2. (I know, big shocker.) I don’t even have an iPhone 4 (Oh my God, bigger shocker.) I think I have enough gadgets. I don’t need more. My iPhone is falling apart and I will replace it when it’s given up on this earthly life. But, what I have is enough.

How can we sell the concept of enough to the rest of the world?

Enough to live a happy and fulfilled life. Enough to build a business and a family. Enough to not be owned by things.

Enough is a strange concept for marketers

We like “new” and “fresh” and “must-have”. We don’t like “works well”, “good enough” and “don’t need anything else”. Enough just feels so anti-capitalistic, don’t we need to grow more, buy more, consume more?

We’re starting to realize that buying new things doesn’t make our life better. Having unlimited choices of peanut butters doesn’t improve my life experience. Oh,, some are starting to whisper “Less is more” (Quiet over there!)

Walk down the aisles of a supermarket and ask yourself: Do we really need all these products? Shouldn’t we use our collective creativity and intelligence to produce better things, things worth making? Instead, we continue to use creativity to craft superiority claims.

The future of agencies: Helping companies decided what products/services to produce

Look at all the data we have. All kinds of data from all kinds of behavior. We should be able to develop ways to match the right goods/services with the right needs. At least, as a bridge to the Intention Economy. Using our collective creative muscle to focus on what people want and need rather than that what a brand needs will start the renaissance of marketing/advertising. Less waste, less guesswork, less friction between people and brands, more happiness all around and value for all stakeholders. What’s there not to like?