This commercial is an excellent example how some marketers live in some kind of bizarro world. In this world, women (in the bizarro world only women clean and do the laundry) are ecstatic about the prospect of cleaning and turning the house into a completely bacteria-free, spotless place.

Kelly Ripa is so excited that someone spilled red wine on her white table cloth, she can’t wait to use her washing machine. She needs to wash immediately because that’s the most important thing in the world. (Isn’t it?) And she brings the whole dinner party to the laundry room and acts as a “Price is right” model, sharing her absolute adoration for Tide.

If this is how it works in your house, please please please please invite me to a dinner. I pay for it. And I’ll bring a TV crew to tape an episode of “Bizarro worlds.”

Indeed, Ripa is thrilled at the fact that a man spilled red wine on her white table cloth.  She isso pumped that he has given her an opportunity to use her washing machine, that she cannot wait. She literally sweeps the table cloth out from under the party so that she can wash itimmediately.  And she is so excited that she invites the entire dinner party to partake, managing to communicate, in the process, her absolute adoration for Tide.  I don’t know about you, but this is what it’s like at my house.