It started and ended with the parka. My parents were too cheap, I got the blue one. It didn’t count. You can’t get green jeans and claim they are blue jeans. No matter what, the green parka was the uniform of the Anti-Nuke fashion crowd. Not sure why. Don’t think it helps with the radiation issue.


The most important accessory was the Arafat scarf. I never wore it. It was ugly. And Arafat wore it. 0-2. Most of my friends wore it. It was kind of stupid, too. Never encountered a sandstorm in Germany.

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I don’t like stickers. Or stuff you need to put on your car/bike/forehead. These sticker were everywhere. They say “Nuclear power? No, thank you.” Ok, the copywriting was pretty pathetic. It worked, though. Everybody I know had this sticker.

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In 1986 the Chernobyl cloud passed over Germany during a holiday and we had no clue. We couldn’t eat asparagus, strawberries, salad and and grapes for 2 years. And kids weren’t able to play outside. I hope that’s not the future of many areas in Japan. I almost wore the Arafat scarf during that time.

Oh, and here’s a rap song.