You know you need to stop being mediocre. You need to stop being a cog.

It’s always on your mind but you never come around to kicking ass. You have to get through this project first, you can’t afford to kick ass because of the economy, you need to stay mediocre to feed your family. You just didn’t have time for it. Here’s the fact: Today is the day.

It’s time for you to kick ass.

It’s time to stop compromising. It’s time to stop delaying. Do you want to continue to stay mediocre and be forgotten quickly? Yes, I know it’s easier to stay in the comfort zone and remain the cog. But it’s not why you were put on this earth. You are here to make a difference. You are here to change the world. Not incrementally, Revolutionary.

Kick ass already.

Go into that darn meeting today and kick ass. Talk to your clients and kick ass. Kick ass when you hang with your family tonight. Stop floating around, stop being just somebody nobody cares about. Be the change. Be the difference. Do things nobody has ever done before. Change things. Make things happen.

We need you to kick ass.

There’s not one day when we wake up and the world seems worse off than yesterday. It’s your job to change it. Not Obama’s. Not the job of your boss. Not the job of your wife. And your kid needs more of you to change the world. Don’t rely on others. It’s your responsibility. Don’t project or blame others. It’s all about you.

Just kick ass.