My sister and I shared a room for years. She loved to sleep in on weekends but I was up at 7am. To entertain myself, I used to single jingles over and over again. That was a good one.

Maybe my favorite jingle. The animation works for all kids.

Lintas tried the retro route with Sunil (Detergent). I don’t think it worked. Interestingly, the most memorable jingles were for detergents. They fought for years to dominate the “We wash whiter than anyone” category but the real battle was to create the best jingle. Your kid will remember it forever. And you will grab the right box at the supermarket.

Actually, this might be my favorite one. Still remember the words. And the product is still killer. Can you beat their gummi bears? (Rhetorical question.)

Can you imagine listening to your 5-year old brother repeating these songs/jingles over and over and over and over again? I’m glad to be alive.

Creating jingles is a lost art. For the sake of brands, they should create more. For the sake of family peace, let them rest in peace.