What is the biggest customer need?

Engaging with your brand? Interacting with your product? A conversation with the brand? Purchasing your service?

Of course not.

The biggest customer need is to make better decisions. Decisions that prove valuable over time. Decisions that nobody regrets. Decisions that delight.

Marketers are not doing enough to help customers make better decisions.

Actually, the majority of marketing exists to make it harder for people to make better decisions. We clog their various channels with messages, overload them with information and try to obstruct the direct path to a good, well-informed decision.

This has lead to an adversarial between customers and marketers. How would you feel every time you want to make an important decision a clown jumps out of the bushes and tries to feed you nonsense?

This is a huge opportunity for marketers

Customer empowerment is the biggest opportunity marketers have encountered in the last few decades. In a world filled with noise, customers will embrace any marketer that will help them filter out the signals with the ultimate goal to implement better decisions. At every hour of the day. At every life stage. At every situation.

The age of customer empowerment is upon us. Either you’re with them. Or you’ll be gone.