Almost every day I have chats with colleagues or friends about technology. Apps are being shared and soon the typical talk start that this thing or the other thing will change the world. You will change the way you communicate, interact with the world, become a more evolved species.

And, then it starts to rain. (For people leaving outside of Los Angeles: the world stops, cars don’t move, blackouts and people are severely confused and annoyed).

Just about twelve times a day, if you read the advertising press, if you sit in numbing meetings led by social media experts, etc., you hear about some technology that will change everything. Technology that will change the fundamental wiring of the human brain. Technology that will change the way the world works. Technology that will transform everything we know and love.

We live in this illusion of advanced technology equaling advanced human beings. But when we encounter elemental forces and have elemental experiences, we revert back to tools we used for hundreds of years. When a water pipe broke in our house last year, no iPhone app was available. Towels had to suffice.

The same is true for our industry. One day we might be able to utilize neuroscience and beam messages directly to our decision center in the brain.

But the technology will never beat a human story, well told.