Any parent understands that the parenting experience is one of mutual learning: While my wife and I try to do our best to instill values and prepare her for a bright future, our daughter continues to reminds us of important life lessons that we often forget or shrug off because they might be too inconvenient/hard to implement on a daily basis.

While I wish sometimes to have a hearing aid (with an off-button) when hanging with the daughter, I’m always amazed how she questions everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Just in the last 2 days we explored why the roads are not colored in pink, why I have nose hair (it’s gone, don’t bother looking) and if Germans are as nice as Americans.

Over years, we tend to forget to question everything. Somebody mentions an unknown acronym, a word you never heard, a fact that doesn’t sit and most of us just move on. Instead, we should follow our inner child instinct and question everything that doesn’t sit well with us. Don’t get embarrassed when you don’t know something. Being more curious and less ignorant. Stop suppressing your natural curiosity and learn more about the world and ourselves.

It’s my daughter’s birthday today. She has given me so much over the few years she’s been around. I could never pay her back.