Let’s be honest: The british monarchy, just like other monarchies, is pretty silly. None of these blue-blooded creatures serves any real function. It makes no sense that a half-intelligent person shows any reverence to these spoiled people, wearing ridiculous uniforms on special days and making headlines with their petty scandals.

We don’t need them to waste our hard-earned money, they never worked a real job in their life and the most important thing they do is to honor each other because all of them are somehow related.

Still, when I woke up yesterday, the first thing I did was looking at the archived video of the wedding. The wedding is not an event, nothing unplanned ever happens. It’s a very mechanical affair, every step is planned, every camera angle.

Still, at one point you look closer.

Just the like the rest of you, I was waiting for the human moment. And, as expected, we got quite a few. We see a father giving his daughter away. We see more than a spoiled brat, just a young woman hoping her future will be bright and she found the man of her dreams. We see a young man joking with his brother, just like I did with my best man because I was so nervous.

They get married, the bells ring, they ride down to Buckingham Palace and everything looks like a fairy tale. And, for a moment, we can all forget about stagflation, numerous wars, tsunamis – all these terrible things that keep our mind busy. And we’re happy to see the brighter side of our world: two people who love each other and made a commitment to stay together. That’s not an easy task when you’re being observed 24/7 by millions of people.

We’re longing for these human moments. We loved the moment when Drew Brees held his baby in his arms after winning the Super Bowl. We like when weathered politicians show a tiny crack in their facade. We need these moments to remind ourselves that there’s more to life than all the nasty things that fill the newspapers.

So, good luck, to the happy couple. And, now it’s time to get back talking about Facebook, Social CRM, targeting and all this other stuff that keeps me busy.

Oh, and abolish this silly monarchy already.