I don’t like to declare anything “dead” but browsing should be in that category.

When was the last time you really browsed the Web? For me , it might have been that night 2 years ago when I couldn’t sleep and I just went exploring. Since then, I go on Twitter, Facebook and Google to get my information. I never randomly explore. All this curating and filtering gives me more content I could ever consume.

Why do call we software like Chrome or Firefox even browsers anymore? Why do we tell people we browsed the Web? We stopped doing that a while ago. We are now watching content channels and content lists.

A natural maturation process

I grew up with 3 TV channels, broadcasting from 4pm-midnight weekdays, on weekends from 10am-10pm. Since my family loved to sleep in on weekend, I watched educational programs about advanced algebra and learned about Greek philosophers when I was 8 years old. I always found something to watch. It was so exciting when Cable TV was introduced in Germany: 50 channels. So much to watch.

Now, I have 500 channels. And there’s nothing on. I can change channels all day and I still find nothing. The more choices we have the less happier we get with all the choices. Our standards for good TV have risen so dramatically, none of the TV shows of the 80s and 90s would make it today (Seinfeld is the only exception.)

Our standards have risen on the Internet as well. I used to get so immersed in weird topics and visit bizarre sites because I was so amazed by the vastness of the Internet.

Now, I’m just changing channels.