I’m always surprised at how quickly people will do anything to defend the status quo.

Think about the healthcare debate. We clearly have a failing healthcare system but many people didn’t want the government to touch it.

The entitlement debate. We know the current system of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is not sustainable. But we don’t discuss sensible solutions.

The majority of meetings don’t change anything, they’re on the schedule to defend not just the status quo but the inevitability of it. It comes from the old company town mentality where it’s better for everyone just to follow.

We’re living in a winner-take-all world.

Good enough is not good enough anymore. It’s an utter failure. And the benefits of being the best in the world are now so much bigger compared to 20 years ago. This discrepancy will increase over time, it won’t diminish. Any social engineering won’t change this truth, it can just help to create a buffer.

30 years ago, my father competed with 30 other people for a promotion. My daughter will compete with billions of people. Scary? Maybe. Exhilarating? Absolutely. Think about it: You have now a potential audience of billions of people. Billions of people might be willing to listen to you, exchange value with you.

Why would you want to be just good enough?

You need to be different to succeed.

As Tom Peters said: “Go hire some freaks and fire all the “ruts” that got you into this mess.” Maybe you’re not in a mess yet but chances are you will be very soon. You need to make sure that anything you do focus on being the best, hiring the best, producing the best.

For a long time, being mediocre was enough to make it in this world. Now, when you race to mediocrity, you’re actually racing to the bottom.