Imagine a blank sheet of paper – it represents all that you are. Now, imagine a tiny dot in the middle of the paper. That represents your problems. Most of us walk around life staring at that little dot, and never see whole sheet of paper the dot is on.

We often must step back so we can look at the situation we are presented with. It can be a hard thing to do, and sometimes it may take awhile to approach something from a different perspective, especially when something is particularly hurtful or hard to accept.

In your daily life, it’s much more valuable to focus on solutions than problems.

The opposite is true in marketing.

Focusing on solutions often leads us down the wrong path. The bright-shiny-objects path. The data-obsession path. The technology-will-save-the-world path. Or the comfort-zone path. While we walk down that chosen path, we tend to forget what problem we tried to solve in the first place. We fall in love with solutions. And divorce from the real problem.

We need to stay married to the problem. It’s the reason we’re around. It’s the reason people love some forms of marketing. Because we didn’t offer them a glitzy solution. We solved their problem.