One person in your team has a good idea. And, it’s not the first time.

They share it with your company. The whole company tries to convince each other it’s not a good idea.

Oh boy.

Do you allow that person to follow their gut reaction? They had good ideas before. They had bad ideas before.

Analyzing the past and basing your decision on it seems safe. Relying on your instincts is the only way to to do something unsafe.

Unsafe things turn into Lady Gaga. Old Spice Guy. iPads. Safe things never do.

Running against Hillary Clinton was unsafe. Pay-what-you-want was unsafe. Car Sharing was unsafe.

When you have a good idea, don’t bother trying to convince people looking for a safe solution. Look inside yourself and perform your own gut check. If the ideas passes your own gut verification, go for it.

All the way.