Saw this billboard in Germany. Sure, cigarette advertising is a tough job. Half of the package in Europe is covered with a back and white sign stating: “Smoking is deadly”. Some would argue it’s highly unethical.

Still, if you spend brain power and money on marketing cigarettes, why with this bizarre ad? Be the first? Be the first to die? The first to get lung cancer? The first of what?


This is even more bizarre. Okay, he’s smoking a cigarette but what indicates that he’s going to be the dream? His wool cap? The fancy bracelet? Or the couple in front of him that will love the second-hand smoke?


Lucky Strike does a better job. They’re trying to sell “natural” cigarettes (American Spirit style) and market their recyclable packaging. And the tagline “Lucky Strike. Nothing else.” feels very integrated.

As I said, it’s cigarettes. Almost as bad as selling missiles.

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