All marketing departments have two things in common:

They have money. And they are afraid to fail. (Because marketing often fails. Not always because of marketing, often in spite of great marketing. But that’s a different story.)

The combination of money and fear of failure leads many companies to play it safe and follow a leader.

That’s why people love to read case studies.

That’s why people want to hear about the exceptions to the rule. I’m sure somewhere in the world an Old Spice slide just rears its ugly head in a marketing conference.

That’s why marketers jump on bandwagons faster than movie producers on the 3D train.

The thing is: The leader reaped all the benefits. The second imitator got some dividends. Number 5 is just collecting pennies on the dollar. The more you try not to fail, the more likely you will. The more you hurry up to jump on the bandwagon, the quicker you’ll find out its final destination: Nowhereville.

To go anywhere, you need to lead.