When I turned 18, I joined the Social Democratic party (the Democrats of Germany, kind of). My goal: become chancellor. Work my way through the ranks and, on one day glorious day, lead the nation. When I joined, I imagined wild, all-night discussions with my party members about alternative energies, unemployment, economic challenges – the stuff political wonks love to talk about.

The first week we talked for three hours about a tree. If it should be cut down or not.
The second week we talked about the naming of a street. For five hours.

The third week I stayed home.

And, I never became Germany’s chancellor.

Everybody has these moments.

At work, you look around and you see the smoke and mirrors guys getting the promotion and all the accolades.

In our industry, you see the charlatans winning over the audience and you wonder why nobody else sees them as what they are: charlatans.

You wonder why the cheerleaders and jocks always win and the good kids always are left behind.

You ask yourself, if you shouldn’t just give up, join the bandwagon and enjoy that free ride. Why bother asking tough questions, why bother doing hard work when nobody else seems to care? Why not become a jester and join the parade of circus clowns?

Because if you give up, they will win.

When you give up, they will continue to run the world. Their garbage will continue to be praised as gold. And we will continue to have the same breed of politicians, executives and thought leaders.

It’s your responsibility that they don’t win.

Make it stop. Now.

Look at their junk and make it disappear with good work. With good actions. With good facts and insights.

Every day we reach crossroads. It’s your responsibility to keep on going. Or they will continue to be the norm.

It’s your call. You know what to do.