You park your car. You go to your office. Grab a coffee. Check out your Facebook feed, Twitter, email. Grab another coffee. Have a meeting. Water. Meeting. Lunch.

That’s how it goes. Your daily routine. It’s safe. It’s comforting. Routine makes your day go by quicker. Routine makes life so much easier.

Your routine is strangling you slowly. You die each day just a little bit.

Do you routinely show up at the weekly status meeting hoping it will be over soon?

Do you routinely send out the same weekly report?

Do you routinely create the same banners and use routinely the same SEM copy?

Do you routinely use the same template for your strategic and creative briefs?

Why? Is everything working so well, your routine should never change?

Come on, don’t lie to yourself.

Routine doesn’t help you to stand out. Routine doesn’t differentiate.

Routine feels good. Routine feels safe. But routine ultimately leads to mediocrity. You need to change your routine.

Would it be so bad to come to a meeting with the goal to change something important? Instead of hoping the meeting ends early?