We think of crossroads as these life-changing moments:

  • Take the job offer or stay in current job
  • File for divorce or decide to stick it out
  • Stay put or move across the country

Truth is, we face hourly crossroads.

Bernie Madoff made thousands of bad decisions before he started to defraud his investors for billions.

The divorced couple made thousands of bad choices before finally filing for divorce.

The failing student made thousands of bad decisions before dropping out of college.

Every hour we face a crossroad

Are you going to let your kid watch a TV show or spend some quality time with the little one?

Are you going to spend the next two hours on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ or start a new project?

Are you going to tie your running shoes and go for a 90 minute run or spend that time on the couch?

Are you going to eat a egg/bacon breakfast or have a banana?

Are you going to “buy” Facebook friends or earn them the hard way?

We tend to get freaked out about the massive crossroads. Instead, we should focus on each little decision we make. They make us.

Choose wisely.