50 years ago, East Germans started to erect the Berlin Wall.

It was supposed to be there forever.

Not matter what they tell you now, almost everybody believed it would be there forever.

My parents weren’t rich, they were struggling throughout their lives.

No matter the times, each year they send care packages to some strangers in East Germany. Filled with goods you couldn’t purchase on the other side: oranges, candy, canned goods.

Millions of West Germans did the same.

Telling East Germans: We can’t tear down the wall for you but we are there for you. We haven’t forgotten about you.

And, just like that, 28 years people were dancing on that damn wall. Tearing it down.

Times are tough for many people.

We have real unemployment of above 20%.

I see people sleeping in cars that used to have an apartment.

The coffee shops are busy with people desperately looking.

While the pundits yell and the politicians scream, the desperate minority is quiet and hiding from the world.

Times will get better. Hell, the wall came down eventually.

When will we see an improvement?

I don’t know.

But I know that the one thing we all can do is not to forget them. Show them you know they’re there. Give them a hand.

People tore down the wall, not politicians.

People will get us out of this terrible recession/depression.

You and me.

Bonus Link: It’s in German but worth it. A look at the Wall from the East German side.