When you enter the agency world, you quickly learn that all agency folks are in line to be admitted to Mensa and all clients should be on the slow bus.

‘They just don’t get it.’

For most agency folks, clients are only intelligent and well-informed when they agree with THEIR opinion.

Oh boy, when clients disagree the insults are flying quickly.

What most agency folks don’t get is that they weren’t hired to develop the craziest campaign ever, the best Facebook page ever, the most creative mobile solution ever.

Any agency was hired to make more money for the client.


And that’s why I believe agencies need to hire entrepreneurs today.

I’ve been running my own business for 18 months now.

It tests your will, your passion, your morals, your ethics and everything you stand for.

When you work for an agency you always have somewhere to hide.

When it’s your shop, you can’t hide anywhere.

When you were on the agency side, a $100,000 investment meant nothing to you. Because you had no skin in the game.

When you have a small shop, an investment of $1,000 might mean the world to you.

That’s why every agency should hire entrepreneurs today

They know that every penny counts.

They know there are more factors than marketing/advertising to make your product/service successful.

They have less ego and more success metrics on their minds.

Don’t feel intimidated by entrepreneurs.

Embrace them.