The purpose of design is not to showcase your brand in the best light possible.

The purpose of design is about communicating your perception of the customer.

Develop a micro site with numerous ‘Buy now’ and ‘Purchase here’ buttons, and you tell everybody that you consider your customers as pure consumers.

Create a micro site with endless opportunities to collect data, and you tell everybody that customers are just data you want to collect.

A Facebook page with constant promotional posts and no interaction: We don’t care about you, we just care about our marketing goals.

When your forms are too long, you communicate: ‘My time is more valuable than yours.’

When your site is too complex to navigate, you say: ‘I care more about my metrics than achieving your goals.’

Branding has become a complex minefield of human interactions.

All of us try to maneuver that minefield without getting hurt (losing time, filling out forms we don’t want to fill out, etc.).

Bad design will try to create as many traps as possible.

Good design will help the customer to steer towards their goal.

Do you perceive your customers as sheep?

Or as valuable partners?