Summer is ending.

Darker days ahead.

Economy is struggling.

Darker days might be ahead.

Bad days make us think about the Status Quo.

You fight with your spouse and you wonder why you’re still together.

Your company lost that pitch and you wonder if you ever win another one.

Your flight is cancelled and you have no clue when you’ll be home.

But, is this really a bad day?

Does your bad day compare to a kid battling cancer?

Does your bad day compare to people thrown into jail and being tortured because they have a different opinion?

Does your bad day compare to a family whose life was washed down by a flood and need to start from scratch?

When we feel bad or have a bad experience, we tend to lose perspective. We just focus on our problem that seems bigger than anything in the world.

Next time, when you miss your flight, or you have a problem at work or things don’t go well in your personal life; ask yourself:  Is this problem worth having a bad day for?