The dinosaurs disappeared because they could not adapt to a changing world.

Their failure to diversify as ecosystems were changing doomed them to extinction.

Your brand, major institutions and our whole economy will disappear if you do not adapt to a changing world.

The human species has dominated the blue planet for thousands of years.

We dominated and controlled other species in our ongoing fight over land and resources.

This ongoing fight hasn’t changed over the millenniums.

Just have a look at all the institutions we created, all the organizations that dominate our lives.

With a few exceptions, all of them compete aggressively to grow as big as they can.

For years we believed the dinosaurs disappeared because of a massive event.

Meteor Strike.

Climate Change.


We just couldn’t fathom these massive, powerful creatures could disappear from the face of the earth because they weren’t able to adapt.

It’s part of human nature: We tend to look  at things in ways that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Or we just want to find ways that support our point of view.

It’s easier than digging deep to find the real truth.

Especially when it doesn’t support our belief system.

Just look at the way brands analyze social data.

They spend millions of dollars to develop sophisticated dashboards that just look at mentions of their brand and competitors.

Nothing else.

What a limited universe that is.

So self-indulgent.

Let’s just analyze anything that has to do with us.

And our world.

Completely ignoring the real human insights.

People only talk about your brand 0.0001% of their time.

What insights can you gather when you ignore 99.9999% of people’s world?

So, you really don’t care about their lives?

What people are really about?

Looking at research through your unicorn-enhanced glasses feels good, doesn’t it?

You can claim to be listening.

You’re not really listening.

You’re listening through unicorn filters.

But it makes you blind to things that really matter.

The things that are changing our world.

The things that make a brand disappear.

And it doesn’t help us see what we need to do to adapt.

I guess that’s what we call creative destruction.

The organizations that continue to live in a unicorn world and see the world through their filters will disappear.

The rest of us?

We just build a better future.