When you need somebody that listens to you without an agenda, who do you ask for an open ear?

When you feel like there’s nobody in the world besides you, who do you call to get out of this solitary confinement?

When you need somebody to set you straight, who do you call?

I’m pretty sure the majority of you will answer this way:

Best friends and family.

Not acquaintances.

Not weak ties.

Best friends and family.

People you trust.

People that saw your good and your bad side.

People that have your best interests on their mind, not their selfish desires.

It’s a mutual experience.

You would do the same for them.

Because you love each other.

Because you deposited over the years in their trust fund.

There were some withdrawals.

But the trust fund is strong and filled with trust and love.

Think about the opportunities for brands.

Imagine your customers not being targets you need to hunt down.

Instead, consider them as best friends and family.

Can you imagine the trust you could build?

The honest conversations you could share?

The collaborative awesomeness both of you could create.

When we treat people like users or consumers, we limit the relationship potential dramatically.

Why not regard your customers as best friends and family?

Have you even imagined the potential?

Why not?