There’s a coffeeshop close to my house that I like to visit once a week. It feels like part of the neighborhood: very friendly and cozy. You see the same regulars, acknowledge and go on with your way.

Oh, and they cut their wireless service a while ago.

It felt like a nice break from the typical coffee shop. No strangers staring at screens, just people talking to each other. It was a nice break from our disrupted ADD-lifestyle.

Yesterday I drove by and they installed a massive HD screen, with Twitter updates and tweets from around the neighborhood. And the wireless is now running 24/7.

The innovation/improvement eliminated the one reason I visited this place regularly.

I love technology but it was nice to have a small break for a change. In order to catch-up with technology trends and emerging innovation, brands often forget about thing: their paying customers.

The marketing world is changing by the hour but sometimes we get carried away and focus on the latest and newest, forgetting the most important customers: the regulars.

Not everything new is worth your investment.

A short-term benefit might be a long-term detriment to your business. When you decide to alter the core experience of your brand, you need to make sure to answer these questions truthfully: Are you improving on the existing experience or introducing a completely new one?

– Are you doing it to keep up with the Joneses or is it something your customers asked for?

– Are you following a trend or adjusting to a lifestyle change of your customers?

– Will your customers thank you for it with additional revenue (spending more, spreading the word, etc.)

There’s a reason customers chose your brand

You’re doing something right or they would have left a long time ago. Innovate based on this core truth, not based on flashy toys.