So, you’re the brightest agency in the world. You work with the best clients. You sit in meetings and get the client exited about all these new projects. The client sign off on the strategy and the final work is not what you had in mind and visualized for the client.


People love to get excited about new projects and innovative ideas. But when it comes to the execution, things start to look rather risky and the revert back to the generic ways of doing things.

When you can feel that excitement in the room, you need to capture that feeling and keep it alive. You need to keep the momentum. The more momentum you keep, the more real the project becomes. And the more likely to be what you envisioned when you got your clients excited.

Keep the initiative.

Next time you feel that excitement in the room, get an agreement from everybody to make something. It could be a research project, a brainstorming session, a workshop – anything that keeps people engaged and connect with the initial excitement. Make sure to keep everybody active or you’ll have the doubts creeping in, the fizzling will begin and you end up with something mediocre and safe.

Agencies are idea factories. They’re nicer and cleaner and less noisy, they’re still factories. Keep the engine running and churn out ideas that go beyond a vision and cheap talk.

Make things.

Or, in other words: Always ship.

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