All of us suffer from stress. Work, family, traffic, life. And, when we go on vacation, we’re looking for distractions that stress us out again. We stress about the right hotel choice, vaccinations, our seats on the plane, money and to take pictures we can share with friends.

Stress is very human. Stress helped us to survive for millions of year. We get stressed before we buy or sell something. We get stressed when we interact with someone. We spend a lot of money to avoid this stress. Just ask the folks in business class. We spend a lot of money to embrace it. Just ask the Black Friday crowd.

Think about your product/service. Do you add stress or do you reduce stress? Does it cause stress to talk about your product/service? When people buy it?Cancel it? Is it more stressful not to buy it? Does it promise to reduce stress but the overall experience actually increases stress?

Think about it over some tea. Or coffee.

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