Hugh posted a great image yesterday.

And he added:

“Intimacy isn’t strictly about romantic relationships, or even relations with family–sometimes it happens quickly, and often times in ways we hardly even notice.

I’m talking about that moment when someone allows the world to see what’s inside…what they are really about. It’s about seeing someone for who and what they are and that the glimpse was offered either voluntarily or without the person’s knowledge. This is an incredible moment where our existence suddenly makes sense and all comes together in a singular place.

For those of who have experienced this, it’s something that never gets lost in memory or time. It’s like a little mirror we take out every now and then to remember a time when something so complex became so inconceivably simple. It’s pretty incredible.”

It happened to me a few times. And I cherish those moments. I experienced it mostly with loved ones. But I had that moment with a stranger once. I wish there was a way where we could bare our souls at least to ourselves once in a while. It seems, that might be the hardest thing to do.

Imagine: Being able so see inside of ourself and take stock of what’s really there. What we’re really about. Life would change in an instant.

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