I mentioned it before: I love running and it taught me important lessons. Proper running requires pain and sacrifice, and as all other runners, I hate and love it at the same time. I hate the pain but love how I can force myself working through it. Every mile makes me feel superior since I’m overcoming personal limits. It’s true: There’s no joy without pain. There are two sides of the same coin and we need to allow them to co-exist. Just like life is worthless without death.

There’s an amazing power in tension.

Tension, conflict and contradiction are powerful when you don’t resolve them. The resolution of tension is what advertising loves. I would argue we should leave contradictions unresolved to unleash their amazing power.

Our life is about contradictions.

Just think about parenting. Claiming it’s pure joy is a flat-out lie. It’s hard,stressful and limits your life. But there’s an intense joy in that journey, nurturing a new life without ulterior motives, just following your primal instincts. And there’s that hug, that smile, the little hand holding your big hand.

Do you love your job? If you do, you’ll hate it at the same time. The hours, the grind, the mindless tasks, the unpredictability, the rejections. But you also love it. The stress that makes you feel alive and all the effort you put in for a final product that delivers. My worst days at work are not when I rip my remaining hairs out or stress out over details. My worst days are the days after a pitch or a launch. You’ve put so much work in and now it’s done. Just like when you read the last page of that good book.

That’s why you should embrace contradiction. It’s part of the human experiment, especially when you don’t fall in the trap to resolve that tension immediately.