15 years ago I was the digital expert in a traditional agency. Every time someone introduced me as such, a little piece of me died. I studied marketing communications, worked as a Creative Director for traditional media and still everybody pigeon holed me at one point as the digital dude.

The problem with being an expert is that it implies that a certain field can be serviced by one person. I was the digital dude when digital marketers had no seat at the table. Being a Social Media expert relegates you to the back room, to the place where no real decisions are made. As we know, digital marketing can’t be done by one person. The same is true for social. When it was early in the game, one person could service one or two platforms. In the future, social media will become everyone’s job and will be part of everybody’s job description. One way or another.

It’s not about social. It’s about business.

And it’s about getting serious. The objective is not to join the conversation anymore. The objective is to communicate with specific audiences to drive measurable business value. That audience might be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or some niche platform but using those are just tactics not a strategy.

Nobody should be talking about social media strategies anymore. Instead, you need to talk about strategies that solve problems, based on an open culture with a focus on collaboration.

We have to stop talking about Social Media

We just have to integrate social into everything we do. Social is now as pervasive as digital. Let’s utilize to solve problems and move on.