There’s always the air of change swirling around whenever a year end approaches quickly and a new year with new opportunities start to evolve.. Mistakes made last year are filed away as learning experiences; things you haven’t accomplished last year and new objectives for the upcoming year; and new opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

I believe 2012 is going to be a year that will stand apart from many others.

After the economic despondency we had to experience the last 4 year and the numerous, destructive decisions we have made over the last few decades, I believe 2012 will be the landmark opportunity for change.

2012 offers the chance for common sense and redemption for all that’s wrong with corporate greed and mismanagement. In 2011, people became aware of this inequality. 2012 will be the year where change will begin.

Yet perhaps more than anything, 2012 offers a chance to change the world around us. Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, if there’s something that can be done to improve both our own fortunes and those around us, we should grab it. I see a groundswell of people distrusting institutions and renewing their belief in the power of their community. And the strong belief in their own power to make a difference.

Social platforms continues to open up new areas and teaches us that greatness and bettering ourselves and our fellow man is infinitely preferable to selfish needs.

2012 we all need to travel into greatness. Let’s make sure to connect along the way.