I grew up in a very organized country. There are many rules. And you better follow them. This is especially true when it comes to traffic. On the Autobahn, stay on the right lane, unless you’re ready to pass the car ahead of your. Or the wrath of a 150mph BWM driver will be unleashed.

I always admired the more chaotic driving style in Italy. Rules are for suckers and you look like a fool when you follow them. Italian traffic equaled chaos.

Until I drove for a week in Morocco.

There are three traffic rules in Morocco:

1. Never speed. (The whole GDP of that country consists of speeding tickets. I must have seen at least hundred speed traps.
2. Stop at a red light. (I didn’t follow that rule all the time.)
3. Honk and pray.

The honk and pray part was hard for me. I almost killed hundreds of people, crashed into almost thousands of cars and cursed a billion times.

The end result? My daughter learned many new words. Our rental car didn’t even have a scratch. And I learned a big lesson: Seeds of order are embedded in chaos. It might feel like there’s no system. But the non-existent system is the system. You have to experience it to understand.

Personally, I’m much more comfortable in an orderly system where some seeds of chaos are embedded. Not the other way around.