Or: How to be successful in school

Or: How to be successful at work

It only requires two steps:

#1: Open your mind. Learn. Be curious. Imagine the unimaginable. Consider billions of options. Then consider gazillions more.

#2: Close the door, close your mind, close the shutters. Hunker down. Relentlessly cut, delete and fill the trash can. Make a decision. Push the work out.

Most people mix and mash both steps, just to fail. During the first step, you need to open your mind as wide as as you can. Most people are not open enough, limit themselves. During the second step, you need to shut it down immediately. Your “Open” sign has to be flipped to a “Closed” sign. No more options, no more new technologies, no additions, no hesitations.

It sounds easy.

And it is. As long as you follow the steps diligently.