Election year combined with January gives you an overdose of change messages:

Lose Weight

Turn our country around.

Don’t let them turn the country around.

People want a better country, but nobody’s willing to pay for it. The others will have to do it. The 1%, the 99%, the vulture capitalists, the food stamp recipients, the public workers, the fat cats. Just not me.

People want to be thinner and healthier, but they’re not willing to get up at the crack of dawn to head to the gym or stay away from comfort food. Instead, they buy some infomercial junk that never works and they can blame for the slowly increasing waist line.

People want to help homeless people, but nobody wants to do the work. Let them do it.

Everybody wants to claim the final result. Nobody wants to do the work.

It’s not that people are lazy. They are just afraid of change.

Losing weight is not about the moment when you buy your new clothes. It’s about thousand little changes over time.

Creating a better country and future is not about the moment when you look out the window and the sky is blue, kids play happily on the street and five rainbows appear at the same time. It’s about billions of little decisions people make over time.

A friend asked me yesterday my opinion about the difference between a manager and a leader:

“A manager owns the final result. A leader owns the path how to get there.”