Yesterday I wandered around the bookstore, housed on the ground floor of our office building. (Yes, a real bookstore. And the place is called “The Last Bookstore”) I was looking at travel books, design books, non-fiction, fiction. Ended up holding James Joyce’s Ulysses in my hand.

I don’t know how many times I tried to read this book and never finished it. I’m not the only one since it’s often ranked as one of the hardest books to read. But, at the same time, people say it’s one of the most beautiful books ever written. My best attempt ended around page 50. I tried 10 times, maybe even more. Never could finish it. I enjoyed Goethe, Rilke, Shakespeare, even Homer. Ulyssess was my manned flight to Mars. And so I settled on Goethe, Rilke, Shakespeare, Crichton, Stephen King.

We are what we repeatedly do

It happens all the time: Instead to shoot for the stars, we shoot for the moon.

We don’t run a marathon, we run a 5k.

We don’t go all in, we bet $1.

We don’t try to raise revenue by 150%, we try to raise it by 1.5%.

We don’t try to beat the competitor into the ground, we try to close the distance marginally.

For real change to occur, we need to shoot for the stars. Sure, we might end up on the moon. Who knows, we might find ourselves on Saturn, Venus or even outside the Milky Way.

I started to read Ulysses again.

I’m on page 67. The furthest I’ve ever been. And I intend to finish. (It’s free, just saying.)

We all need to shoot for the stars. Starting today. It’ll be worth it. Challenge yourself and you will win. You will be better for it.

Go ahead.